We undertake to produce colorants and extracts to comply with your specifications, to the legal regulations of the countries or a certain concentration.


The purpose of the PICTA R&D laboratory is; based on global demand, market developments and the desire to offer innovative products, to investigate the hidden potential of each colorant source in such a way as to meet new expectations for the presence of certain active ingredients.

We aim to develop proprietary products in terms of technology, offer innovative solutions and optimize the industrial processes of our customers with a disciplined approach. We develop and produce special extracts-colorants with our having understanding of economic and technical efficiency team and precision of plant source.


Our products are controlled at each production stage. Our R&D and Quality team tests more than 2000 parameters per year and thus, full traceability is ensured from raw material to finished product.

Our superfine understanding; is based on accredited suppliers, control of each production step, information transparency, and integrated traceability and interpret regulatory information.


PICTA has obtained ISO 22000, Kosher and Halal certificates by put into practice of the HACCP requirements. Alongside to our customers, we are regularly audited by official certification bodies.

Our plant has been specially designed to strengthen our management of cross-contamination risks. Our quality department aims to continuously strengthen our procedures and organization within the spirit of excellence.


We have strict regulations to ensure product safety and quality. These regulations vary from country to country and permanently. We have prepared a proactive legal information and interpretation help desk for our customers and suppliers.

For example, we complied with taking measures for the named “Guidance Notes on the classification of food extracts with coloring properties” regulation on dated 09 December 2013 which is determined the usage terms for the usage of our products in the food industry.


PICTA is one of the implementers of serious and standardized practices on corporate and environmental responsibilities. In all our decisions, we try to balance the interests of our staff, our customers, our suppliers and company.

Our main responsibility as a manufacturer of natural food colorants and extracts is to keep strict adherence to the regulations by ensuring the safety of our products and thus the consumer. Our commitment is to ensure good agricultural practices, respect for biodiversity, fight against child labor, embezzlement and discrimination with our producer partners.