Colors And Extracts


Our product range, which is standardized or personalized in dry or liquid form using close to twenty colorants and contains more than 300 references.

Our wide range of products is available in any color and extract form for your formulation requirements, the physical form of the final product or your dissolution and dispersion needs.

Colorants and extracts are manufactured in our plants using only natural raw materials to ensure their individuality and quality.

Powdered Colors

Liquid Colors


Customer-Specific Standardized Products

Conventional Products

We offer our expertise in plant extraction, purification and coloring products in accordance to the customer demands with our many years of experience.

We ensure the standardization of our products by strictly adhering to the quality processes we have determined in all stages from raw material sowing to end-user.


Our colorants are made from natural raw materials. Our raw material source is not standard because it is agricultural origin. Its quality and availability vary depending on its origin, climate, agricultural conditions and seasons. In order to minimize this challenging variability, we work to ensure the quality and safety of the colorants-extracts by securing the raw material supply. The quality of the colorants depends on a rigorous selection of raw materials. We support our direct relationships with producers and make regular site visits. These long-term relationships also enable us to manage many effects, such as biodiversity, water management and pesticide-herbicide usage.